5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dusk Music Festival Artist Big Sean.

1 year ago

From his early mix tapes to his latest studio album Decided, Detroit rapper Big Sean has taken the music world by storm. Sean has two number one albums and has collaborated with the likes of Calvin Harris, Justin Bieber, and Kanye West.

Big Sean will be headlining at Tucson’s own Dusk Music Festival this October 6-7, 2017 at Rillito Park. Before attending the fest, which promises to be epic, you’ll need to brush up on your Big Sean facts.

Here are five things you might not know about the rapper.

1. He’s got a humanitarian side

Sean was recently honored for his work with Sean Anderson Foundation and Project Knapsack. He was the recipient of the Humanitarian award for providing 20,000 knapsacks filled with school supplies to kids in need.

2. He meditates

In a recent interview with Highsnobiety, Sean attributed much of his success to meditation. He shared “I try to meditate on a daily basis. Sometimes I don’t get a chance because I’m running as soon as I wake up but it’s definitely a way I lift my mood and stay connected to my spiritual self.”

3. Dark Sky Paradise was recorded at home

When the rapper was first starting out he built a recording studio in his own home. This is where he recorded the critically acclaimed album, Dark Sky Paradise. It wasn’t some rag-tag effort either, he used high quality equipment and wanted it to be comparable to professional studios. By building the studio in his house, Sean claims it allowed him to be more productive and comfortable since wasn’t paying money for studio time. Several top artists such as Kanye, Ariana Grande, and John Legend all recorded in Sean’s home studio.


4. He used tuition money for studio time

Sean knows a thing or two about how expensive recording time can be. Part of his decision to build his own studio spawns from the fact that he used a good chunk of his tuition money to record. In an interview with the Breakfast Club he revealed that he spent the money his grandmother had been saving up for his tuition to record. A move that payed off for the rapper. Later, he partnered with adidas to build a recording studio for his high school in Detroit.


5. He rap battled in Detroit as a young kid

Just like legendary rapper Eminem, Big Sean also threw down in Detroit rap battles.

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