Dusk Music Festival 2017 Headliners Collage

The Official Dusk Music Festival 2017 Spotify Playlist

1 year ago

If you’re coming to DUSK, you need to get primed. Pumped. Inspired. We know how it is.

So we threw together just for you below the official Dusk Music Festival 2017 Spotify Playlist.

Play it. Shuffle it. Follow. Share.

See you soon. (Oh – and click here if you still need tickets.)

Dusk is an exciting musical experience held in the heart of Tucson at the Historic Rillito Park Racetrack. This unique music festival pushes boundaries by bringing nationally recognized musical acts to our city. This energizes diverse groups of people who genuinely care about Tucson and want to have a hand in its continuous reinvention. Dusk offers something completely unexpected; an expertly curated event that stimulates the senses with delicious local foods, glorious weather, great people and amazing music.