Three times POLIÇA’s music videos blew our minds.

1 year ago

POLIÇA is one of those bands that leaves you mesmerized and wanting more. The American synthpop band from Minneapolis, is led by singer, Channy Leaneagh with Drew Christopherson (drums) and Ben Ivascu (drums). Leaneagh has a lilting stride that pulls you in and captures your attention.  The band has three studio albums, each varying in tone and feel. Their most recent album, “United Crushers” is politically charged and features the hit track, “Lime Habit.”

The band is also known for having mind-blowing music videos and creative vision. From the dream like, “Warrior Lords” to the intensely personal “I Need $/ So Leave,” their videos are just as enchanting as their songs.

We’ve rounded up our three favorite music videos from the group, to get us pumped for their performance at the Dusk Music Festival this year. You can catch them on our stage on 10/7 at Rillito Park in Tucson, Arizona.

1. Wedding

This video is a throwback to the late 60’s/ early 70’s Sesame Street era of teaching kids educational material with puppets. The twist? The kids are being shown how to prepare for protests, police brutality, and civil unrest.

2. Wandering Star

Flesh, blood, aging, dancing. This video explores how sensuality is lost as we grow older. In the video, a group of contemporary dancers start to awaken an elderly woman as she comes to life once again. Eventually she participate in movement herself.

3. Lime Habit

Leaneagh shared with NPR that this song is “all observations on my mode of operation and how it affects where I go. I’m speaking to myself mostly; never in the corner is the luck of life . . . so get out of the corner and . . . you see up higher but you’re never in style’.” We aren’t sure how the fruit in this video plays into those feelings, but we do know that we can’t stop watching it. Directed by the Sunset People, the Warhol-esq fruit, floating by the Edie Sedgwick like singer is the kind of visual trip we are into.

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